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I wrote a book!


It is called The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet and is available for purchase at all major retailers of books.

The book is a detailed exploration of the heart-healthy and whole foods based Mediterranean Diet and the (also) heart-healthy and fat burning ketogenic diet.

Please consider checking it out if you are interested in losing weight, improving your cholesterol and triglyceride numbers, lowering your blood pressure, having more energy, and lowering your risk of many chronic diseases.

I enjoyed researching and writing the Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet because the ketogenic diet is typically represented as being very meat-centric and that (to me) is pretty boring and not sustainable. By combining the ketogenic diet with the Mediterranean diet, it allowed for an eating pattern that is low enough in carbohydrate to induce and maintain ketosis but still includes plenty of fresh vegetables.

Avocados, olives, broccoli, cauliflower, greens of all kinds, peppers, artichokes, a variety of nuts, and lots of extra virgin olive oil are all heavily relied on for this diet.

Of course, the Mediterranean diet is really about more than just what you eat and so is the Ketogenic Mediterranean diet. I included sections discussing the lifestyle factors that associated with greater longevity as well.

Oh, and there are 25 easy and delicious recipes.